iDrive is a cloud storage service. This service enables companies to rapidly and securely synchronise files between employees, but also with external parties.

File sharing

Within the organisation, files and folders can be shared on the basis of users or groups. This sharing is then accessible through each user's personal iDrive account. By instead sharing a link, external parties such as suppliers and customers can also access files and maps from iDrive. External parties can also upload information to selected folders. You can data-limit and password-protect shared links.

We have synchronisation clients for all major operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. iDrive also provides a web interface for file management,


iDrive is able to integrate with the company's already existing user management system for authentication if this is built on a Microsoft Active Directory. You can also add accounts to iDrive's own user management system without Active Directory.


Unlike similar services, you know where the information will be stored – in Candidator's server halls in Alingsås. No third party has access to the information in any form.

All traffic from and to iDrive is SSL encrypted. This means that iDrive delivers secure sharing and synchronisation of files.


If files or folders stored on iDrive are lost, there is always a backup from the previous night. iDrive also contains its own "Recycle Bin" which users can recover files from.


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