Business modules

Business modules

Cendot – ERP system

Simplifies the company's processes.

To support your company's processes, we supply Cendot, our own in-house ERP system.

Starting out as a simple case management system, Cendot has developed into a competent product which can be adapted to customer needs through its modular construction. Cendot is developed on the basis of well-proven technology and in close collaboration with our customers – guaranteeing a user-friendly and functional system. The program modules are constructed in a similar manner with a simple user interface.


Business modules

Cendot is flexible and can be adapted to your needs. The following functionality is available.

Project and case management

Project lists, projects, cases and activities.

Customer and supplier directories

Customers, suppliers, contacts, sites and CRM functionality.

Quotes, orders and invoices

Advanced management of tenders and quotes. Effective order management with purchase orders and correct invoicing.

Article management

Articles, stock, deviations, inventory, advanced pricing, customer articles and supplier articles.

Glossary and media

Information archive and image bank with connection to other modules.

Time reporting

Time reports, project monitoring, invoice information.



Cendot is constructed to suit different types of user. The following interfaces are available.

Main application

Standard Windows client which is only dependent upon standard functions in Windows. No installation required.


Interface completely adapted for running on mobile units with touchscreens.


API interface built on JSON and XML. A webshop can be connected to the application interface, for example, in order to read off/print out articles/orders/customers etc.

Statistics tool

Provides excellent functionality to analyse your business data regardless of the system you use.


System requirements

Cendot is developed in .NET with a Microsoft SQL database.

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or later
  • PC or Mac (Intel based) with Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating system
    (Additional software required for use on Mac)
  • Internet Explorer 8 or later