IT partnering

IT partnering; a way of creating genuine win-win relationships between you as a customer and us as a supplier.

The IT industry should be ashamed of many things. One of them is how suppliers act in many procurements. Consultants are offered for 1 SEK per hour. Suppliers state a price which is far too low, only to then work actively to obtain masses of "Change Requests" – which of course they charge for. This is to compensate for the ridiculously low initial price. The relationship between the customer and the supplier comes to resemble trench warfare, and requires significant amounts of time and energy to "handle". From both the customer and supplier sides.

At Candidator, we don't want this. We have thought about what can be done instead, and studied other industries. These included the construction industry, which has historically been very similar to the IT industry in terms of business structure. Suppliers submit tenders and then work actively with what is known as "changes and additions".

Parts of the construction industry have therefore developed a new business and collaboration structure, called Partnering. This is now an accepted procurement model, used above all in the public sector. At Candidator, we have taken this on board and started to use parts of this model. We call it IT partnering.

At Candidator, we like being popular. We become popular if we do a good job that means you have an exceptional customer experience. We believe strongly in personal collaboration where both sides know each other's business and maintain good personal relationships. Our experience is that in this case it's much more likely that both sides will think "What's in it for WE?" rather than "What's in it for ME?". This creates an environment which is significantly more proactive and produces improvements that give you as the customer advantages, ultimately increasing your competitiveness. The first step in IT partnering, long before discussing contracts, is to carry out an IT partnering workshop. This creates an entirely different platform on which to discuss solutions and contracts.

If you would like to learn more about what IT partnering involves, don't hesitate to contact us!