Environmental work is a priority for Candidator, and includes all activities within the company. Alingsås Energi AB delivers green electricity from water and wind power.

No additives – only air and water

From the end of 2011, Alingsås Energi AB has only been providing "green electricity". In other words, renewable electricity from guaranteed sources.

Water power

Water power represents 88% of our total electricity, and comes from:

  • Nore1, Norway
  • Bälingetorp in Sävån
  • Hjälmared Mill

Wind power

The remaining 12% is produced with wind power from the following wind turbines:

  • Skörstorp 600 kW Falköping
  • Hol 1 800 kW Vårgårda
  • Bast 1 200 kW Lidköping
  • Hovenäset 600 kW Kungshamn
  • Hafra 1 and 2, 800 kW in Sölvesborg
  • Söderbodarne 3 in Dalsland
  • Gendalen in Alingsås Municipality 800 kW

We also work in compliance with the directives regarding producer reliability for electrical waste which have been drawn up by El-Kretsen AB, a joint service company for the electricity and electronics industry in Sweden.

El-Kretsen has around 30 different facilities where end-of-life electrical products are dismantled and processed. After dismantling and sorting, the different fractions can be transformed into new raw materials or energy. All facilities are certified and are carefully selected by price, geographical position and technical expertise.

All waste is sorted and handled in collaboration with a professional partner who ensures that recycling takes place in an environmentally correct manner.

Candidator's environmental manager is the company's MD.